John Hackett

Veteran Advocate
Health Coach
Cancer Survivor

How I beat Stage 4 prostate Cancer daily schedule.

My daily schedule with the GB4000 for my cancer.

  1. Infection 407 G5 Audio Square Wave ran default (25 minutes)
  2. Inflammation 410 F2 Audio Square Wave ran 15 minutes (30 minutes)
  3. Joint inflammation 434 G1 Audio Square Wave ran 30 minutes
  4. Cancer 113 F2 RF Sine Wave ran 60 minutes (2 hours) channel sweep 20000 Hertz.
  5. Enlarged Prostate 653 F2 Audio Square Wave ran 15 minutes (30 minutes)
  6. Detox 206 G2 Audio Square Wave ran 30 minutes (1 hour) Take 2 charcoal tablets and drink lots of water.
  7. Immune System Stimulation 402 G3 Audio Square Wave (10 minutes)
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