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How I used the GB4000 to fight my Bone Cancer

I used frequency 3133 and 3134 to for my bone cancer. I ran Audio Square Wave with a carrier of 2977800

  1. I turn on the GB4000
  2. I press "Custom"
  3. I punch in "902" for the program number then punch" Enter".
  4. I punch "2" for Group (running both frequencies at the same time) then punch "Enter".
  5. I punch "3133" then punch "Enter".
  6. I punch "3134" then punch "custom" and this will save it as Auto Channel 902.
  7. On the MOPA I turn on "set frequency" and turn on "counter"
  8. I turn on the "Power" and let the machine warm up for 5 minutes.
  9. I set the Plasma tube where it will be used and do not move it again.
  10. I use the dial on the MOPA to set the frequency to 2978000 I don't worry about the last three as I cannot set them.
  11. I turn off the "counter" and switch the "set frequency" switch to "Run" position.
  12. I turn on the GB4000
  13. The number I punch in will be the number of minutes to "Run" the program.... I punch in 60 (60 minutes).
  14. I punch "Auto Channel" then punch "902" and then punch "Run".
  15. I turn the "output level" knob up until the plasma lights and the needle will bounce as high as 280 on the MOPA meter.
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