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How I beat Stage 4 prostate Cancer and You Can Too.

May 8th2017 I went to the Tucson VA hospital for a physical, I had not had one for a long time so I thought I would just do it.

My Blood tests indicated a PSA of 23.7. Anything above 4 is considered suspect. My PSA was above "high".

About a month later I met Dr. S., A VA doctor. He recommended a Biopsy to see if I had cancer. Then another month went by and I was scheduled for a biopsy. (I would not do that again.) I have read that a biopsy can increase the chances of spreading the cancer even if it is encapsulated.

The biopsy result came back positive for adenocarcinoma. Dr. S. recommended surgery to remove the prostate. I asked, "How do we know if it has spread already?" He agreed to do a pet scan to see if it had spread. Shure enough it had spread to my pelvis.

At that point Dr. S. told me my available options. Surgery was out, (too late for that) so that left Chemo, Radiation or Hormone therapy.

I wanted none of them. I had read how more people die from the Chemo "cure" than die from cancer itself. I refused to do any of it. Dr. S. said I would not live very long, I asked, "what do you give me in terms of time?" He said, "Less than two years, probably a lot less because the cancer was very aggressive." I laughed and said, "I will outlive you." (That did not go over well! LOL)

I had been doing a lot of research on unconventional ways to beat stage 4 prostate cancer and after searching I discovered that Rife frequencies were the best hope of beating stage 4 cancer. Next, I researched what are the best Rife machines out there. When you are fighting for your life, you want the best tools out there. I settled on the GB4000 for many reasons.

  1. It was made in the good old USA
  2. It has good customer support with a voice on the end of the phone. (*no recordings!)
  3. It could transmit 8 frequencies at the same time below 20000 Hz.
  4. It could transmit in Audio or RF mode with sine wave or square wave.
  5. It could scan a channel or a frequency band.
  6. It could transmit all of the Rife frequencies.
  7. It had 3 times the power of the original Rife machine.
  8. It could be used with contacts or Plasma (Remote).
  9. It came with good instructions and an entire book of frequencies and tips.
  10. I believed if any machine could beat cancer, this one could do it.
  11. It was easy to understand and program. It even allowed for custom programs.

I knew nothing about using this machine or how to kill cancer. I read all I could and started treating it using the 872 scan that covers all of the frequencies. I did not get sick and I felt pretty good. I thought I was beating it and in fact, thought I had beat it. My PSA kept climbing at a rapid rate but I was not concerned because PSA never killed anyone. I am not one to worry about things I have no control over so I just enjoyed life.

In Feb of 2019 I decided to go to Hawaii and soak up the sun, I did not take my GB4000 with me because I felt fine and did not think cancer was a concern. (Little did I know?) After about two weeks there, I started to get severe headaches. (I never had headaches before) I also had pain in my neck. The pain was pretty bad.

I wanted to stay on the island but I was getting sicker by the day. I was actually afraid if I did not leave right away, I might not be able to get on an airplane. By now I was really sick, and knew I had a serious problem.

When I got back, I started using my machine. I had pain in both hips and my pelvis was inflamed. I was experiencing more pain that I care to have. I have a pretty good tolerance for pain, I knew it was a bad sign.

I went to the VA and got some pain pills so I could sleep at night and was using the GB4000 to pound the cancer. Dr. L. gave me a program that worked well for cancer and I hammered it hard. The program worked and destroyed the pain I had...but I still had a few things to learn.

By now I was having trouble urinating. In fact, I could not go pee at all. I went to the VA and told Dr. S. that I could not pee. He said, "I will order you some pills and see you in 6 months." Basically, he did not care at all. That night I got a serious urinary tract infection and another doctor at the VA gave me antibiotics. They helped but the infection kept coming back. The emergency room doctors gave me catheters to empty my bladder (I would have died without them.) It seemed to me that the urology doctor did not give a dam. I wonder how many Vets have died because some of these doctors just did not care. I saw one Vet in Las Vegas die because he could not drain his bladder. He died from the infection. That was not going to happen to me.

I had a talk with the Lord and said your will be done. No matter what you decide, I am good with or die. I am a fighter and planned on beating this. (I wasn't so sure by now how that was going to go.) Then it just came to me.... I needed to fight inflammation, infection, cancer and do a good detox. That was the point where I started to really win this battle.

I pounded cancer hard, but I also pounded the infection and inflammation just as hard. I added the detox using activated charcoal to bind the toxins.

Quit was never in me, I knew there had to be a way to beat this disease and I just needed to follow the path. I had help doing this. I knew I was not walking alone.

From that point on, I knew I was winning this fight...on June 7th my PSA was 970 and I was in rough shape...I started running frequencies for inflammation, infection and cancer.

Infection can kill you a lot faster than cancer ever can. I was treating cancer but infection was killing me... I learned a lesson in how to beat this disease...and it came to me out of the "blue". I had help.

Sept 3rd 2019 my PSA was 1.8 and my blood labs were normal. They were now returning to normal fast. I also started treating my enlarged prostate problem. I take Prosta Relief and ran the GB4000 on a program to shrink the prostate. Slowly I started to get results and it continues to get better each day. I treat it every day. I have not used catheters for a month now and doubt I will ever need them again.

I learned a lot about how to beat this disease. I also learned from people that did not beat it. Many who lost the battle did not treat it long enough or often enough. Cancer is like fighting a forest fire. You need to use every tool in the book. Supplements, vitamins, organic diet, and a healthy life style. Your mental outlook has a lot to do with your ability to beat disease. Always stay positive.

I help people for free and hope they learn something from my experience and I hope they will pay it forward. Never quit or surrender and keep a warrior's spirit and know you can beat this disease. I help people for free of charge whenever I can.

I know they save lives. There are no guarantees in life. To win any battle, you have to fight. God Bless and never give up.
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